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Pedro Sotomayor Cartanjen
Managing Partner


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Pedro Sotomayor has more than 30 years of experience in international market expansion with multi-national corporations, as well as start-up companies. He has worked for Siemens, Corning and Polaris Wireless, mainly responsible for Multi-National Growth, expanding the customer portfolio to more than 70 accounts in 23 countries.


He devised intricate marketing campaigns and selling strategies aimed towards varying cultures, securing multimillion-dollar accounts in North, South, Central America, Europe, Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia. He has been a key executive, opening international branches, recruiting and training local work forces, as well as sourcing, closing and managing partnerships with large Corporations.

The experience acquired by having been part of Corporations with offices in 150+ countries, as well as start-up companies, empowers him to think global and understand and adapt the needs and strategy procedures within small to medium companies, as well as international corporations. He can take a company’s vision and put it within a global prospective.

Mr. Sotomayor is fluent in English, German, Spanish & Portuguese



UAI - London School of Economics 

Master in Business Administration

Santiago University, Chile

Master in International Business

Technical University of Hanover, Leibniz University, Germany

Master of Science in Electronic Engineering

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