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Hugo Masset
Chief Investment Officer

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Hugo is an experienced investments professional with a successful history in managing global portfolios for UHNW individuals. At ConnectAssets, he leads our efforts to build an independent and fully integrated Wealth Management platform to the families we serve.


Before ConnectAssets, Hugo worked as Private Banker for Bank Julius Bär Zürich, serving UHNW individuals and Single Family Offices.

After pivoting from Medicine to Economics in 1993, Hugo started his career as fixed income trader. His path crossed Switzerland in 1996, when his bank was acquired by the late Swiss Bank Corporation, a few months before its own merge with UBS. He left the trading desk to assume a role in quantitative research and in 1999, assumed a position in proprietary equities trading, when he started to venture into fundamental analysis.

In 2001, Hugo assumed a role in UBS Private Banking, helping in the setup of its onshore banking initiative, always in the investments side. In 2003, he started to manage exclusive equity funds, through discretionary mandates to UHNW individuals, role that he kept until 2014 when he accepted an offer to go to Julius Bär.


Your success is our number one goal however you define it and we work with you to understand the specific challenges or barriers you need to overcome. From that, we design thoughtful solutions to meet those needs. If you don’t need something, we’re not going to try to sell it to you.



BS, Economics

Columbia University

Value Investing